Comfort Zone

A perfect morning here in the mountains, cool and crisp under the amazing blue Colorado sky. I enjoyed smelling the pines while drinking my morning coffee and pondering my next project.

It occurred to me that we about three weeks out from the Leadville 100 Mile Run and even though I’m not running I still have the feeling of excitement and anticipation that I had when I was running. The last three weeks are crucial to race planning so I published an article of advice for activities that help round out the last three weeks of the year long preparation for the race.

So that about  covers the summer race reporting for my Examiner column except for the Pro Bicycle Series which I will be covering right in my home town. Looking ahead, I am going to be coming out of my comfort zone. Doing stories on events and places is one thing, an interview with  a real person is another. I’m going to jump into the deep end and am going to do an exclusive story on a woman who is recovering from brain surgery. Stay tuned to the Examiner as I follow her efforts to go from brain surgery to the Boston Marathon.

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