God’s Work

Haven’t had much wilderness time these days with these long hospital stays with my cancer patient. However I do have a lot of time to sit around and ponder deep thoughts that I can put in my blog 🙂 So anyway, this week in the hospital was a particularly rough stay with some unpleasant suggestions being entertained by hospital staff. Throughout the ordeal I had a number of people praise me for my steadfastness in watching over my patient. I thanked them and wondered what they were seeing in me as I have never done this before and am not particularly good at it. In fact I really didn’t want to take on the task and had anyone else stepped forward I would have gladly let them.

But there was no one else. I was the only one. Which got me to thinking, most of the time when God needs something done He doesn’t need someone who is good at it. He just needs someone who will get at it.

I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel yet but I still have hope that this summer I will still receive the opportunity to visit some new places, hike on some new trails, visit the wolf sanctuary, enjoy some mountain festivals and go to some trail runs.

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