Dog Days of Summer

Now begins the long hot stretch of summer following the 4th of July that flies by with disappointing rapidity. I had intended to have a great holiday in the park enjoying myself and getting a bunch of great pictures, but it was not to be so. By the time I was done with my morning agenda dark storm clouds had moved in over the mountains and lightning, thunder and rain chased away the holiday revelers.

Things have also taken a turn for the worst with my patient’s health and I find myself in the visitors chair in the oncology ward of the hospital on this beautiful weekend trying to come up with an idea for an outdoor and recreation article for the Examiner. In the meantime, the Examiner is upgrading some servers and I can’t even get the site to come up even if I do come up with an idea.

As I look out of the hospital I can see the Garden of the Gods at the base of Pikes Peak. It is a beautiful place and I have enjoyed many hours of hiking and photographing the beautiful red sandstone spires jutting upward hundreds of feet from the park floor. I think I have my idea. I will write an article on hiking in Garden of the Gods Park. The good news is I have plenty of pictures for the associated slide show.

Have a great weekend!

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