Frozen Ghosts

Frosty Rocky Mountain Forest

A dense fog rolled in while I was ascending Grouse Mountain this morning, covering the pine and aspen trees with a thick layer of beautiful white frost. The billowing mist surrounded the abandoned mining district making the dead gold mines from the old west era look even more ghostly than usual. An eerie quiet enveloped the high country leaving me only with the sound of my breathing and the clinking of Big Dog’s chain. It was like we were on some kind of lonely expedition, like the travelers of old that had previously explored this amazing place.

Of course I had the camera, which I trained on a few of the old mines and some of the Frost on Abandoned Mining Districtmore picturesque aspen tree groves… I have taken enough pictures of the mines that I don’t even really look at them anymore, but in the fog there was a moodiness that I was determined to capture. Slowly the weather in the mountains is succumbing to the inevitable approach of spring and there won’t be many more chances this year to photograph the beauty of snow and ice in the mountains.

Frost on Abandoned Mining District

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Frosty Rocky Mountain Forest

What Falls in Your Lap

I guess the message of this post is to focus on what falls in your lap.  Woke up early this morning and as usual I opened the curtains on my way to the coffee pot. 16 degrees and socked in with fog… couldn’t see a thing. No matter, I was wretched tired anyway and a cup of coffee and a nap on the couch sounded like a pretty good plan 🙂

Frosty Colorado Forest

Drank my coffee, let Big Dog back in and shut my eyes… that was going to be the end of it. I suppose it was about an hour later and Big Dog was starting to complain so I kind of opened one eye and noticed that the sun was starting to shine through on the distant aspen trees which were magnificently covered with a heavy layer of frost. Now this is a scene I have long wanted to capture but there just isn’t any way to get in position for the shot. But wait I thought… Now I have the 400mm… twice the reach I used  to have!

So I went back in, grabbed the camera and headed off to try once again to capture the beautiful grove of trees. This time I had a little better luck. 400mm seems like just the trick! Hope ya’ll like the image 🙂 As always it is available as wall art on my website, this one is in the Rocky Mountain Winter gallery.

Picturesque Morning Frost

As I drove home Thursday night in 15 degree weather  in a fog layer so dense that I could barely see to drive, I was pretty sure that the Pike National Forest surrounding my home would be clothed in a mantle of magnificent white in the morning. I knew it would be well worth my time to get up early and grab the camera for my morning hike on the north ridge of Ute Pass with the puppies.

frosty-forestAs I strode through the woods in the early morning solitude, the sun’s first light began to hit the tall pines and I could see that the day would not disappoint! The trees were covered in thick white frost, as if some unseen hand had sprayed them with that snow aerosol spray people use on their artwork. The fog from the night before was not quite as dense, but was still prevalent enough to add a mystical mood to the scene and the light shining through the mist was perfect for photography. Just enough to light the scene without blowing the highlights.

foggy-peakThe doggies were a bit impatient with my constant stops, but soon learned that today was going to be done differently than our usual romp through the woods. They were quite happy to find that we weren’t going to stop at the usual turnaround though! As we climbed higher I noticed that the fog was becoming thinner. My hope was that if we continued climbing towards the top of the ridge, I might be able to climb above the fog and see a magnificent fog layer at the base of 14,115 foot Pikes Peak.

mystical-peakMy instincts proved correct and as I made my way through the fog I noticed the very top of the mountain occasionally peeking through the mist. Then finally, the reward. I burst through the fog and got a clear view of the peak and a valley filled with mist. A truly magical scene! A scene that would lift my spirits after a winter of disappointment and injury. A scene befitting of the good news to come later, that a home on two acres in the woods had become available within the budget of my loan qualification. A scene befitting of new hope that 2017 would bring new adventures, ascents to new 14,000 foot Colorado Peaks… and a summer not quite as filled with hardship as were recent summers past… “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Psalm 30:5

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