Major Award

No, I didn’t get the coveted “Leg Lamp”… But I did get this plaque in the mail today. Making Who’s Who in America has been on my mind since I was young and discovered the publication in the school library, using it as a resource for writing reports and such. Much to my surprise I received an email a while ago from the Who’s Who in America organization stating that I had been nominated for inclusion in the biographical record. I actually thought it was probably a hoax at first, but after checking all domain names and email hosts in the correspondence I felt comfortable enough to answer the email and fill out the application. After that I was invited to participate in an interview and again, much to my surprise my application was accepted and it seems I am now a proud member of the Who’s Who in America list and a major bucket list item checked off 🙂


Who's Who in America



My record in the database isn’t complete yet though, it states that the branding team is working on a professional bio that won’t be completed for approximately 60 working days. I’m not sure when that will be but I’ll be checking the link from time to time to view the progress!

Well any way… back to work on my new website… It seems I’ll be coming out of retirement in the portrait business. Inflation is nipping at my heals and it appears full retirement is not going to be a good plan for now. If things continue the way they are, I’ll probably be photographing my own funeral 😦

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