Giving the Canon R7 a Workout

Finally got a chance to really let the R7 shine. A trip to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal yielded some great photo ops with an osprey fishing, snowy egrets in flight, some cute little killdeers along the shore and a double-crested cormorant. For this exercise I left the focus system in animal tracking mode with animal eye focus turned on. I narrowed the focus area to a large middle zone with all surrounding helper points activated. The R7 had a very easy time of tracking the birds with the smooth blue water behind them and I found the camera a complete joy to use on this day.

Cold and Snowy on Mount Evans

Our trip to Mount Evans was a bust, sad to say… although we were lucky to even make the summit with the weather going on. People were still going up as the heavy rain and most likely impending snow were moving in, and I would not have wanted to be heading up after 2:00 or so. We didn’t see any goats or sheep, which was a great disappointment for what will probably be our only chance at the summit this season. I was able to capture a few nice shots of the weather though, using the RF18-150 STM kit lens with the new lens hood and circular polarizer I purchased for it on Amazon 🙂 I found the lens a joy to use and have no complaints about sharpness or Chromatic Aberration.

Red-tailed hawk in flight

Rain and hail also spoiled a visit to Georgetown and Guanella Pass. We saw a few forlorn and very wet bighorn ewes hiking along the road but the rain was so heavy that we really didn’t feel like getting out to shoot. Jefferson Lake on the other side of the pass was beautiful, but no moose showed themselves and there were no pronghorns to photograph along Tarryall Road. We saw a couple of hawks near Lake George but they were too far away and flew the wrong way when they did take flight. Here is where my R7 struggled the most, with a distant bird flying into a backdrop of trees. It really wasn’t able to find the bird and track it. Not sure how to handle that situation, I guess I will have to narrow the focus system down to one point and hope I can get it locked on the distant raptors.

On the other hand the bird was too far away to photograph anyway, so I probably could resolve that issue by not bothering to take the picture in the first place. Oh, and by the way… I used DXO Pure Raw to process the raw images and decided to license the full production copy for my workflow!

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite pictures, hope you enjoy!



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Elk Herd on a Beautiful Rocky Mountain Evening

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