Osprey, Eagles and Heron Oh My

Quite a successful day of photography in Eleven Mile Canyon and a great video to go with it! Just click the link to see it! The day started with a few sightings of elk and deer along the way, but it’s too dangerous to try to stop along Teller County Road One to try to take pictures. Most people out there at that time of day are in quite a rage about having to go to work or having lost all their money at the casinos and it’s best to just get done with the drive as quickly as possible.

In the canyon I finally spotted one of our osprey and was able to capture a couple of images, even though I was pushing ISO 10,000 on a few of them! Topaz DeNoise was definitely a big help on these! An eagle was next up on the roster and it was my intention to capture a few images of him perched before catching him in flight. However he was having none of that and remained on his perch preening and looking around for over two hours. Finally at the very last second he turned around on his branch and flew off the wrong way. I managed to get one good image out of that and then just headed back downstream as it was already getting quite late in the morning.

A great blue heron put on quite a show on my way back down the river. He was intent upon fishing and paid me no mind at all. I sat on the bank and shot away to my heart’s content and captured a couple of stills with a fish in his mouth and some nice video footage of him jumping into the water. Eventually he wandered behind some boulders so I decided to go check on the eagles nest.

It just so happened that both parents were at the nest for a feeding of the eaglet when I arrived and I got some beautiful footage of the mother feeding the young one, watch the video to the end to see it! All in all it was an amazing day, I have to say 🙂

Oh, and I got another first for my eBird account, I thought it was just a goldfinch but Merlin says it is a Hammond’s flycatcher, who knew?


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Elk Herd on a Beautiful Rocky Mountain Evening

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