Back to Basics

Had myself a back to basics session on the mountain today. I decided I just wanted a nice hike without all the high tech wizardry to distract me from the pleasure of a mountain morning so all I took with me today was a light pack with my old Canon A-1 film camera and a roll of Ilford B&W film and unfortunately my phone, with which I apparently could not resist interrupting my hike with by attempting to create a video.  Anyway, I still immensely enjoyed my experience with the film camera and will probably doing more of that in the coming months!

Lenticular Clouds

As I said in the video, for some reason when I have the film camera along I don’t feel the same pressure to produce. I’ve been shooting stock image for almost 20 years now and having a digital camera along makes me feel like I should be capturing stock images. With the film camera the simple joy of photography returns. I can’t explain it, but the old film camera just brings me joy 🙂

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Elk Herd on a Beautiful Rocky Mountain Evening

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