Two Decades of Digital Photography and a Publishing Tidbit

Book cover,Cottonwood Pass and the Colorado Continental Divide

Put out a new ebook on Kindle / Amazon this week called “Two Decades of Digital Photography“. It covers my experience with digital photography from the original Canon EOS-1D through several camera, lens and software iterations and includes over 200 of my favorite images through the years , the stories behind them and how they were made. The ebook will soon be followed by a paperback edition pending some details I still need to work out.

I’m also trying to learn the process for publishing a book on the Lulu platform but I seem to have run into a little hangup, I’ll let you all know how that problem’s resolution comes about! *** Update*** So it turns out the hangup was with the pricing. You have to enter a price for each country that they have listed so you have to go online and do your own currency conversions.

Using InDesign to create a Kindle ebook turned out to be quite a difficult undertaking. Creating a novel with no pictures would be easy, you just write the book and save it as a reflowable epub file. Saving a fixed format file is an entirely different matter. No matter how I formatted the file or what process I ran it through to convert it to Kindle I could not get the fixed file to work. No matter what I did the Kindle viewer jacked up the format. Finally I got a tip from somewhere on the internet and managed to fix the problem using the Kindle Create software. To correctly format an InDesign photography book for Kindle you must export your book as a .PDF file. Then start the Kindle Create software and select new project in the file menu. Then click the Print Replica button on the left which will allow you to read a .PDF file. Once Kindle Create has read and formatted your .PDF file you can save it as a Kindle Project and click the Generate button to create the .kpf file which you can upload as your manuscript in the Kindle ebook creation process.

Unfortunately I had already published the badly reformatted reflowable version and the Kindle software wouldn’t let me replace the reflowable version with a fixed format one so I had to unpublish it and start over with a whole new submission.

Lol, now I have a permanent record of how I bumbled my way through the process so next time I can just read my own blog post to figure it out 🙂

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