My First Book

Pair of Doe mule deer in the snow

OK, so it’s just a Kindle Book, but it’s a start 🙂 I’ve long wanted to publish a book but obvious barriers such as printing and marketing costs have always made the process prohibitive.  So the other day I was poking around and discovered the Kindle Ebook process and thought, heck… why not give it a try?  I didn’t want to do a very big work only to discover some insurmountable problem so I decided to start a series of short stories of interesting moments in my experience with taking photographs in the field. So I quick wrote up the story of how I captured one of my favorite images of these three deer during a blizzard called “The Blizzard and the Camera“.

Pair of Doe mule deer in the snow

I had a few problems getting started including the fact that my cover page failed to upload. I shouldn’t have published until I was all ready but I did have one issue that I wouldn’t have know until already published. The work was supposed to take up to 72 hours to review but perhaps since it is so short it was already live in just a couple hours! The major problem I am having is that I was trying to credit my photo buddy Kevin for taking my profile picture and I wound up making him a co-author… actually the photographer for the book instead of just the contributor of the profile picture 🙁

Well anyway, after it went live the software allowed me to go back in and delete the co-author status but apparently I’m going to have to wait for a data base update for the reference to be removed from the main page in Kindle. Oh well,  the work is still there and I’m the author!

I have quite a few more ideas for short stories to add to my series, called Photo Adventures so be sure to stay tuned! The work is listed for $2.99 which was the minimum but for you Kindle Unlimited subscribers I think it can be read for free.


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