Misty Foggy Autumn Morning

As I sipped my coffee this morning I was wondering why it was taking so long to get light. At the first sign of sunrise I peeked outside to see what kind of a day would greet me. Wet sidewalks and a dense layer of fog so thick it almost blotted out the street lights revealed the reason behind the stubborn darkness. There would be a short delay on this day as I knew I would have to wait for a bit more light before attempting any photographs.

Beautiful Buck in Dense Fog

My first thought was to go see if there was any interesting foggy effects and maybe even some  new snow on the south face of Pikes Peak, so I headed toward Victor while carefully watching the aspen stands for deer. As I climbed higher the fog got even more dense until I could barely see to drive. A huge buck mule deer crossed the road in front of me so I leaped out of the truck to capture an image. You can barely make out the handsome beast, but the ghostly figure in the fog made a pretty cool picture I think!

Osprey in Eleven Mile Canyon

Pikes Peak wasn’t visible at all so I decided to try something else. I was thinking Eleven Mile Canyon might not be quite as foggy and the drive would give the sun a bit more time to burn off the mist. I didn’t get very far up the canyon before encountering my favorite inhabitant, one of the osprey nesting pair high in the branches of a dead tree.

He carefully watched me for a while before taking flight and landing a few yards away on the cliff wall, where he watched the water intently for a fish. I snapped a few images of him watching the water and then he took flight. Fortunately I was prepared and got some nice ones of him flying away. He circled the water a couple of times looking for a fish before finally giving up and flying downstream to a new spot.

I spotted him one more time before the road grader scared him off, and I believe he circled back around and headed back upstream to quieter fishing grounds. I whiled away some time shooting the beautiful autumn colors lining the banks of the headwaters of the South Platte before calling it a day.


Osprey in Eleven Mile Canyon

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Autumn in Eleven Mile Canyon

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