A Glorious Fall Day

Photographer Profile Autumn WorkingIt was a glorious day for an amazing autumn hike in the Pike National Forest of Colorado. The hard part was figuring out just exactly which hike to take! Eventually photo associate and I decided upon the Anne-Marie Falls hike on the western slopes of Pikes Peak which we had done in the spring and discovered the home of a friendly and colorful Wilson’s Warbler. Many Thanks to Kevin for shooting this picture of me hard at work in the midst of the icy water!

Autumn on Anne-Marie Falls Trail

Well the warbler appears to have made the flight to more temperate climates for the winter but there was still plenty of color to be found! The aspen groves on this particular hike are in peak color right now 🙂 It was a bit chilly to start with, the pond was actually frozen over in spots and there was still frost on the foliage when we arrived. I’m sure I lost track of time as we moved around the pond to different vantage points, but I imagine we were there a couple hours for sure! The frost was soon replaced by the heat of the day as we worked the scene and I was glad that I had dressed for a warm day and not the cold.

Autumn on Anne-Marie Falls Trail

The entire trail was surrounded by golden aspen and I photographed various locations all the way back to the trailhead. I also tried a few more images using the HDR setting on my camera which takes three images at different exposures and merges them in camera. Looks like I used a bit too much intensity today so I am going to need some more practice before I have that method down.

I have uploaded a few of today’s images to my website and a bunch more to my Instagram page if you would like to see more! Please feel free to follow my page there if you don’t want to miss future projects!

Autumn on Anne-Marie Falls Trail

For your enjoyment I have created many short multimedia videos for my YouTube channel! Feel free to watch and be sure to subscribe to my channel  if you would like to see more of our adventures! Also feel free to follow my Instagram page where tons of my images are displayed!

As always, the best of these images and hundreds more are available for purchase on my website as wall art on glossy metal or acrylic sheets, stretched canvas and traditional matting and framing. Tons of cool household and gift items are also available with any image you like including coffee mugs, t-shirts, blankets and pillows, battery chargers, phone cases, stationary and much much more! Just click on any image you like and all the choices, sizes and prices will appear! For my viewers interested in images for commercial use, please visit my image licensing portal!

Autumn on Anne-Marie Falls Trail

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