Misty Mountain Afternoon

I was so planning to just rest today… but apparently I’m not good at just resting 🙁 My legs are tired, my knees hurt, my back hurts, everything hurts and I really think some rest might have been a good idea. But there is a mountain snowstorm going on and there is something in me that just compels me to venture out into every storm. Don’t know what it is, but I have to do it. It could be hereditary… I remember back in 1975 in the worst snowstorm anyone can remember to hit northwest Iowa, 6 foot snow drifts, 75 mph winds, -90 wind chill, my dad and I had to venture out into it… Don’t remember the reason, probably wasn’t one, just the need to see what it was like.

Misty Mountain Afternoon
Fresh snow and fog in the Colorado Rockies

Well today was no different, except now I have somewhat of a reason to go out into the storms. Somebody has to get the pictures! I could see there was a cool cloud / fog system blowing up from the Arkansas Valley into Cripple Creek and I wondered if it might look awesome from my overlook. So me and Big Dog geared up and headed out into the fresh snow and mud and wind to see what we might find. Turns out it was kind of cool looking over the gold mine, so I snapped a few of the huge mound of mine tailings with some of the old historic strucDrtures visible. Then on we went, up the trail to the overlook. I was surprised to be able to see anything with all the fog, but there was a small window of time when some of the nearby foothills were visible through the blowing moisture. I stood in the cold for a while getting the best moments of the day before even denser fog rolled in and I could not seqe anything.

Then there was just the long hike back home. Big Dog is a big muddy mess and so are my boots but I’m glad we went, always love the experience of a storm 🙂 The pictures are kind of interesting… Thinking the clouds and fog would be more dramatic, I used a circular polarizer today and I like the effect. Be sure to visit my website where I have added a few from today’s adventure!

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