Mountain View Different Every Day

Sometimes I get to thinking there’s no need to take the camera along on a hike, but then I take it anyway. And I am always amazed when I get there and somehow it all looks new and my latest hike was no different! It was an unusually warm day with some high thin clouds and a lot of haze that I assumed was going to ruin my outing.

Sange De Cristo Mountain Range
Beautiful view of the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range in Colorado in the wintertime

As a result I took a bit different route hoping to see some elk or some deer to salvage the day. But as I rounded the mountain a completely different view presented itself. The odd light through the clouds early in the day with the winter sun low in the sky created this cool layered effect that I had not noticed before. Experience told me to use my 70-200 lens zoomed in all the way to flatten the layers of mountains for the greatest two dimensional effect. The Sangre De Cristo Range is always beautiful and this new view is a great addition to my collection of landscapes 🙂

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