Keeping Time

Well my $10 Ironman knock off finally bit the dust after 6 years of faithful service. It survived countless mountain excursions, rain, snow, and rocky terrain. It did not however, survive my dog. One abrupt change in direction at the wrong time and a fence post was all it took 🙁

Decided on a real Ironman this time, one of the shock resistant models for sure! Liking it a lot so far, looks and feels rugged, and has all the essential information right on the main screen, time, day and date. I had to push a button on my previous watch to get the date which was very annoying.

The buttons are well marked and intuitive, it only took me about five minutes to get it all figured out, even without looking at the manual. Alarm, chrono and timer are all easy to read and use. The buttons are responsive and easy to use even with light gloves.

The glass is slightly inset in the protective case, so hopefully it will survive the next dog incident!

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