Dog Tired

Lol… there is nothing like a dog to get you going when you are “Dog Tired”. It has been a rough week so far. Four punishing nights in a row on the loading docks, two early morning dental appointments for a friend, another early morning appointment at the oncology center for another friend. Fighting off a cold to boot. Beautiful day though, record warmth for this day high in the Rockies.

Rocky Mountain Evening (edited)But tonight I was exhausted, the plan was to sit outside with the dogs and enjoy the cool evening breeze, but as luck would have it, the forest critters had the same idea and Son Boy wanted to go play with them… so we had to just go inside where he could not see them anymore. Was going to catch up on my computer work, but I was just too tired and the bed looked way more inviting. Climbed up and promptly fell asleep with the cool breeze and smell of pine blowing on my face through the open window. For a while I thought I was in heaven 🙂

Two doe mule deer in the Pike National ForestBut as the sun neared the ridge I was awakened by the pleading sound of a dog with his head on my knee who did not forget that he missed his walk in the woods this morning. “Shut up Son…” did no good at all. Finally I could not resist those huge  pleading brown eyes any longer and I dragged my tired butt out of bed to put on my shoes…  And off we went, up the mountainside towards the ridge overlooking Ute Pass.

It was an indescribably beautiful evening, no clouds and beautiful evening light bathing the Pike National Forest in a golden glow. The deer and other wildlife were out in number enjoying the evening as well and it was nice to get out and fill my lungs with some fresh air after spending the day in the truck and at the hospital.

Tonight I am thankful to have a dog that got me out of bed even though I was too “Dog Tired” to do it on my own! And I am also thankful that my friend has already received good news from the hospital, the chemo is working, tumors are shrinking and blood numbers are recovering nicely. I think she is going to beat this monster 🙂

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