All Circuits are Busy

I’ve decided I need to have a recording of the telephone company’s “all circuits are busy, try later” message for personal use. For example… I know my friend only gets paid on the first of the month and occasionally runs short at the end of the month. Well she had been telling me for a couple of days that her phone was dying because she had lost her charger. I’m trying to buy a house and I have a lot on my mind… Which is not unusual, I always have a lot on my mind, even if it’s nothing. Nothing is something right? Well anyway, when I didn’t receive my usual “good night” text  message, it finally sank in that her phone was dead. And then I was like… shoot, I work at Walmart, $4 with my discount card, a little advice from Jimmy and I could have solved this problem, what the hell is the matter with me?

Lol… I don’t know about anyone else, but I encounter this a lot. Someone asks me a question, like can I pick up some trash bags before I leave work. Then the ensuing blank stare is completely misinterpreted… Now this seems like a simple question to most people, but for me it is an explosion of mental data… Do I have the cash, did I download the cash to my debit card, what is the date? Based on the date, is there enough on my debit card to pay for the trash bags, and the gym fee? When does the account fee come out, is it time for my payment to Adobe for Photoshop? Maybe there is cash in my wallet… If not what  time is it, maybe I can make it to the bank before it closes, I wonder how long it would take to get to the bank and back and if I would have time to grab something to eat on the way… But how much is in there, and is it time for the insurance company to withdraw the autopay for the car insurance?

Lol… maybe it’s not always this extreme… but the blank stare might also indicate that “I heard you say something… I don’t really know what it was but I’m trying to figure out if I was supposed to know what it was and if it was important enough for me to drop my train of thought and concentrate on that instead, possibly losing forever what it was that I was thinking about!

Well anyway, it would be really handy if I could just play the message, “all circuits are busy, try later” so I could just walk away and come back later with a coherent answer 🙂

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