Real Health Insurance

Going down to the post office today to pick up my health insurance. Not the kind of insurance you usually think of though, this is cheap insurance and a very small price to pay for real health insurance at that. The health insurance I am talking about is colloidal silver. Comes from a company called Silver Wings and you can get it online or at some health food stores, including Whole Foods. Why do I call it health insurance? Because I have been taking it sparingly for ten years now and have not had to go to a doctor for an illness in that entire time.

My wife and I were tipped off to the benefits of this miracle mineral supplement by our naturopathic doctor in which we had a long history of trust and success. So we went to Whole Foods and purchased a bottle of the 500 ppm substance for future use. Not quite knowing what to do with it or why we would want to take it, we just tucked it away in the medicine cabinet.

In my first year of self employment as a photographer I had not yet managed to acquire health insurance. And as luck would have it, that was a year in which a particularly virulent bronchial infection was being spread around. Unfortunately I finally caught the mess and began hacking and coughing with the rest of the people in Parker. The virus or infection or whatever it was refused to let go and soon developed into a sinus problem which even spread to my eyes causing me to look like I had pink eye in both eyes! Then the fever started and finally reached about 103 degrees. I was one miserable puppy… just lying in bed expecting to die… or maybe hoping to die. It was pretty bad.

Well when I was about at my worst my wife brought in some tea and said here drink this. So I did… About 20 minutes later the fever broke and I was suddenly feeling much better. So I wandered downstairs and told her. She said, “wow, I didn’t expect it to work that fast!”. I said, “what?”. That’s when she told me she had slipped a few drops of colloidal silver into the tea. So I started reading a bit more about it online and over the course of the next week or two I was gargling with it to try to ease the throat infection, and even putting it in my eyes to cure the eye infection. And it worked, it cured everything. And I haven’t been to the doctor for an illness in the entire decade since then.

The way the silver works is it disrupts the breathing ability of one cell beasties only, which is just what bacteria and virus cells happen to be. The silver does not affect more complex cells, which our body and immune system is comprised of. Many people haven’t heard of colloidal silver, and many more have heard hysterical tales of all the terrible things it will do to you, including turning skin blue. And of course all these tall tales are false, and probably started by the pharmaceutical companies who hate silver because they can’t patent it and make billions from a simple supplement.

In fact Big Pharma has quietly begun lacing their failing products with colloidal silver because of it’s obvious benefits. The British Army uses silver in military issue socks to fight infection. Silver has been used for millennia to safely fight infection and cure disease and is a prudent addition to any medicine cabinet.

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