Christmas Gifts

With the Christmas gift season at hand, I thought I would write a quick post about the ordering process for gifts and prints from my website. First of all, please do not be concerned that you are going to cause me to be overworked! Back in the day I tried to manage orders that people placed with me by myself and it was a lot of work! However I have wisely relegated that process to a trusted company that is well equipped to handle this process for me. Other than uploading a picture to the website there is no work for me. Once I upload the picture, my involvement is complete.

winter-buckI am also pleased to announce that coffee mugs have been added to the list of products available with a S. W. Krull Imaging picture. This list of products now includes Christmas cards,  coffee mugs, prints on glossy metal and acrylic sheets, canvas wrapped on wood, traditional framed prints, t-shirts, phone cases, shower curtains, handbags and beach towels. So to order a picture product, you just go to the S. W. Krull Imaging Fine Art website where you will see a collection of pictures which represent all the different categories of art I have displayed on my site.

From there just click on the image representing your favorite category, for example, Rocky Mountain Winter. The category will open and you will see a collection of winter images. Find one you like and click on the image, bringing up an enlargement of the image and an interactive list of products available for that image.The lab receives the order, creates the product and ships the order, all without any involvement on my part. Orders thus far have been fulfilled promptly with very high quality productions.

I do hope you will consider ordering your gifts this year from a small business rather than just going down to the local huge corporation and lining the pockets of a unknown faceless CEO somewhere. Small business is the backbone of America and it badly needs your support!


Steve Krull is a prolific sports and nature photographer selling prints and stock images online as S.W. Krull Imaging at various sites and agencies. Click this link to view all the products and services offered by Steve Krull and S. W. Krull Imaging. Additional services include, wedding photography, portraiture and model portfolios, and event photography. Additional products include fine art stock imagery, prints and gift items


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