24th Annual Salute to Veterans Bike Rally

Saw on the city billboard earlier in the week that it was once again time for the colorful annual Salute to Veterans Bike Rally. The ride starts in Woodland Park and progresses up Ute Pass to the historic town of Divide where it turns onto highway 67 past Mueller State Park and on to the old west gambling town of Cripple Creek. The ride is done in remembrance of American POW’s and is always a popular spectator event in the southern Rockies.

Salute to Veterans Rally


I almost missed it this year, forgot all about it until I saw the billboard as we were driving past. When I saw it I kind of halfheartedly commented, “I should probably shoot that.”, thinking it has been such a crappy summer that I probably wouldn’t. But my friend Erika enthusiastically replied, “I want to go!”, so we made plans to fight the downtown traffic and watch the mass start at 10 a.m on Saturday. Friend Michelle also wanted to see it, so I was encouraged to find the camera and once again get the colorful and inspiring shots of all the flag waving Harley’s making their way through my town 🙂

Ever looking for ways to optimize my time I identified a time window for a trip to the gym on the way to the rally, but it almost cost me the whole day! Cops had half the town closed down between the gym and Highway 24 and I wasn’t sure I was going to get through. Finally I found an open street and made it through to pick up my friends. We decided on a parking lot on the west end of town that didn’t look too full and made our way down to the main drag.

My favorite hot biker chicks

As I scoped out a spot to get the best shots I heard my name being called from across the street… Holy crap, a bunch of people from my church were down there street preaching. Great I thought! I’m at the bike rally with two hot biker chicks while my church buddies are preaching! Lol… Well it is what it is, Photographers work on Saturdays… It’s not my fault that my job sometimes involves hanging out with hot biker chicks 🙂

Flag procession out of town

The veterans did not disappoint. It wasn’t long before hundreds of Harley’s were roaring down the highway towards their Cripple Creek destination. Flag waving bikers and spectators instilled a feeling of unity, pride and solidarity with our fighting men on a beautiful sunny day high in the Rocky Mountains! I’m glad we went, it was an awesome break from all the strife affecting our great country this year, and a cause for hope for our future.


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