Working on the right life / work balance… I’m finding that four nights on the loading dock and a 14er on the weekend may be just a little bit much for my chronologically challenged body … So I asked my boss to cut me back to three loading dock marathons per week and thankfully it appears my wish was granted 🙂 This should be the perfect balance of steady money and physical exertion. More time to make money with my photography and less time and less money unfortunately, trying to keep up with the young whipper snappers on the docks!

SunriseSo it turns out that I now have this next Saturday off and the next adventure is being planned as we speak. Talked to Ralph tonight about pushing an Oxford / Belford 14er 2fer up to this next weekend with something else for the 20th, maybe Columbia. The Oxford trailhead is on the dirt road to the ghost town of Winfield, which will be heavily populated by Leadville 100 crew vehicles on the 20th, so I’m thinking the smart money might be on doing that this weekend instead of during the race.

So we are looking at two peaks on one trail, three actually since we will have to climb back over Belford again on the way back. 6000 feet of elevation gain over 11 miles or something like that, a daunting challenge for sure. We may have a good sized group for this one, three or four maybe from our little Divide, Colorado group of hikers 🙂 Spent tonight looking over my gear, only to find out that I forgot to clean my water bottles after the last climb and had to tackle a sticky Gatorade mess 🙁 Better tonight than Friday night though!  Thinking it might be a good idea to leave my big zoom lens home and replace it with an extra 32 oz Gatorade. Another balance to worry about, liquids versus weight. I’ll still carry my filter pump though, just in case.

Tomorrow is a day off… will I carry through with my planned day doing laundry, or will I blow it off and get in a day of training in preparation for the big weekend. Hmmm… Probably no one ever on their death bed said, “I wish I had done more laundry.” 🙂

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