No Unfriendlies at 14,000 feet

I think I’ve discovered an axiom, there are no unfriendly people at 14,000 feet of elevation. I’ve never encountered one anyway! Perhaps it is because life’s problems can’t survive the thin air there, they melt away when the summit comes into view.

Summit-HikersWell anyway, I have summit fever again this week and am preparing for the next adventure. Ralph and I will be attempting to summit Mount Harvard this weekend. This one might be a bit tougher than last week’s Mount Massive hike, with four more miles to cover on the round trip. I think Massive was Class I all the way, but is showing Harvard as Class II part of the way. I assume that means there will be a boulder field to tackle near the summit and that could slow us down a bit.

So today is payday and I don’t have to work until 5 p.m. this evening. A good day to get out and purchase supplies for the journey. I also saw some leather gloves with mesh backs in the sporting goods section that have my name on them. Tired of bashing up my fingers on the rocks at the summit. These should do nicely!

Stay tuned… as always the camera will be making the trip with me!

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