Wrong Horse

We all try to make the best decisions possible with the information we have at the time. Unfortunately we can’t always read the future and sometimes we make a bad choice. This is one of those times for me. I believed the information I was receiving and went with it by investing my images heavily into my exclusive iStock / Getty arrangement. I should have known better, like a mouse sticking it’s head in a trap when it can clearly see it’s buddies strangled by the other devices of death scattered about, but I took the bait and backed the wrong horse.

Now it appears iStock, like all the other picture libraries purchased by Getty Images, has been cannibalized and run into the ground. So now my summer will be spent transitioning my best imagery elsewhere. With my income at a multi-year low, I may be looking at another lost summer as far as shooting goes, but fortunately last summer and fall were productive and I have plenty of images in the bank with which to start anew.

Mountain-GoatsToday finds me reminiscing over my exploits high in the Rockies last summer and fall. I’m working on some wildlife images from my climb up 14,000 foot Mount Bierstadt, including this one of the mountain goats on Mount Bierstadt, clothed in autumn glory as the tundra prepares for the long Rocky Mountain winter.

Another unfortunate result of the bad choice is that I have had to take a part time job to take up the slack while I make the transition, which will slow the process. But then again, it’s hard to go on meaningful photo shoots with no money so the hard choices have to be made. In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on my website as I draw from last year’s bounty in my bid at yet another new start  🙂


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    1. Bierstadt was my first in at least 20 years! Back in the day I climbed the Barr Trail a lot, and Mt. Sherman once in a race… hoping to bag some more 14ers this summer! maybe Princeton, Massive and La Plata 🙂

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