What’s Wrong With This Picture

CNN has recently written a blatantly disingenuous article, claiming Neo Nazis march in Sweden, possibly the most peaceful country in the history of the world. The article describes what is obviously a black woman standing in the face of a demonstration of the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), which wikipedia describes as a violent political movement in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark that wants to end non-white immigration.  So you have the CNN article  showing these three guys whom CNN calls Nazis walking past the black woman.

Now these guys don’t look much like Nazis, they look more like a few bummed out looking computer geeks protesting the lack of Snickers Bars in a vending machine. There is no violence in this picture, nor is there any reported from this march. The black woman is the only one raising a fist in “Sieg heil” fashion. The article describes the woman’s terrible fear as she stand in the way of the marchers. But they aren’t even paying any attention to her as they simply walk around her. The cop standing off to the side looks bored, like he would rather be doing something else.

I could find nowhere online where the NRM calls itself Nazi or socialist, however CNN calls the political party a right wing National Socialist group. That’s another thing wrong with this picture, using the words right wing and socialist while describing the same group. Right wingers are not socialists. Socialism is a left wing idea. In fact the very definition of Nazi means National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Despite the modern narrative, the Nazis were left wingers. And I am sure that if you examine the policies of the Nazi Party, you will quickly discover the roots of the ideas of the modern so called progressive movement. So what were the defining policies of the Nazis? They are well documented of course, if nothing else, the Germans were very thorough with their publications.

The most obvious of course is that they were anti Jew. Less known is the fact that they were pro Arab, and quite intertwined with the early Muslim Brotherhood movement. They were anti bourgeoisie, and one of their main goals was to destroy this class of people and make the government the champions of workers rights. The Nazis were famous proponents of birth control, thought control, income redistribution, political correctness and state sponsored education, or if you want to use a more accurate term, indoctrination. The Nazis were masters of political correct speech, masters of masking reality by just changing the meaning of common words. In fact they are famous for their entire “Ministry of Propaganda”. Concentration camps were renamed work camps. Jews were called rats to dehumanize them. The Nazis were known for imprisoning and even murdering political dissenters

Now what modern movement do those policies most represent? It doesn’t sound right wing to me, it sounds more like the policy of socialism to me. Who is the biggest proponent of the public school system? What is the group most in favor of birth control and abortion? Which party is pro Israel and which party is pro Arab? Which party gave us the political correct propaganda of New Speak, A baby is a “blob of tissue”, illegal aliens are now “undocumented workers”, and of course the entire point of this article, National Socialists are somehow Right Wingers, and the list goes on. Recently there was a call from the left for lawmakers to pass a law to imprison scientists who refute “Climate Change”. And which party during this election season has used violence to shut down groups who disagree with their policies? How many Republicans were on scene disrupting Bernie rallies, none of course. In fact the only Bernie protestors turned out to be other left wingers.

And of course the point of this article, the CNN Ministry of Propaganda trying to turn this simple picture into something it isn’t. An image showing violent right wingers terrifying a courageous dissenter. In fact I looked up the history of violence for the NRM and found only a few instances of what would be classified as minor scuffles over the last decade. No one has been murdered, no one sent to concentration camps, no Jews gassed. In fact there were more acts of violence perpetrated on our society by the anti-Trump protestors in this one year than I could find committed in total by the NRM.  When the facts are examined, it is clear that the NRM may have more to protest than the lone Sieg Heil woman in the picture. Coinciding with Sweden’s rapid population growth, mainly due to immigration, particularly Muslim immigration, has been an increase in the frequency of rape and sexual assaults against women. Sweden is now called the “Rape Capital of the West” and it is not because because indigenous blond haired blue eyed men have suddenly decided to start raping their neighbors wives. But of course these days we are not allowed to state the obvious, it might make somebody feel bad.

It is not racist to want to protect your way of life, your women and children and your society from a hostile invader. It is not racist to expect immigrants to behave like civilized people, and if they prove they cannot it should be no big surprise that they are not allowed in. I know the lefties think they are somehow more intelligent and advanced than the neanderthals who are starting to become fed up with the crimes committed against their loved ones, but the facts do not appear to support their opinions. I think maybe the Apostle Paul when looking ahead to our time defined the insane policies of our leaders and so called intellectuals best in Romans chapter one, “Professing to be wise, they became fools”.


3 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture

  1. I probably disagree with you on many political issues. Abortion, climate change, I’m sure there are other things we may disagree upon. But I’m certain we agree on this photo and the CNN article – both are hilarious! The cruel irony of Tess Aplsund being the only skin head in the picture is so laughable. And then CNN comparing her to the Chinese protestors on Tinamin Square, facing tanks that did not hesitate to roll over bodies. Where do they get the nerve?

    1. Michael, my views would probably surprise you… I don’t really subscribe to either side, just try to look at every issue with common sense, something sorely lacking these days! Two of my friends were arguing about climate change one day, and I said “you know” it doesn’t matter. Pumping the atmosphere full of toxins is so wrong for so many reasons. We all need to be good stewards of this planet God has given us!

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