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Was sitting at the computer a couple of nights ago feeling a bit blue about the waning days of summer and the fact that I had not achieved one of my major goals, which was to climb a 14er. For real, not just the quarter mile stroll from the parking lot to the Mount Evans Summit. I have been looking at the maps all summer and all the peaks are either too far away, too hard to get to or too hard to climb at this stage of my preparation.

Pikes Peak
14, 115 foot Pikes Peak

So I was starting to give up and finding it easier to just sit on my butt instead of heading up my mountainside for strength training. Earlier in the summer I had noticed a lot of posts coming through from the facebook group 14ers.com so I was curious and joined. Haven’t paid a lot of attention to it but one post caught my eye, an “I did it!” post from a woman who had overcome some serious health problems. So I read the article and the 14er she climbed was Bierstadt. I had heard of it but had to look it up to find out exactly where. When I saw it on the map a light when on, “I know this mountain, I can do this!”. It’s within driving range, my Miata can get to the trailhead and the trail is not too long.

Funny how one little ray of light can pierce the fog of discouragement and provide the inspiration to go on. So anyway, I’m going to climb that one and I was thinking, “Yay, I’ll be able to say I climbed a 14er!”. But as I read more posts on 14ers.com I realized that it will actually be number four. I have already climbed the 28 mile Barr Trail to the summit of Pikes Peak countless times, Mount Evans for real one time, which is a story in itself, and Mount Sherman, which for some reason I didn’t realize was a 14er. So I am thinking, that’s a good start, “I wonder if I can climb them all before all I can do is play bingo?”.

So I made a list in a note that I put on my facebook page with the three peaks that I have climbed. Soon I anticipate adding Bierstadt, and who knows what the future will bring? Perhaps by the Grace of God I will climb all the 14ers in Colorado, or perhaps it will just be a worthy goal that keeps me inspired. Either way, stay tuned, my camera will be along for the entire adventure, however it turns out!

3 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. keep up the good health, climbing mountains, hmm, just found spotting on new Tamron 80-600mm lens, kinda disapointed, must try other lens pray spots on my mirror, not image sensor or new lens, CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN MY FRIEND, great post

    1. Does your camera have auto sensor cleaning? Spots on the lens have to be huge for them to show on the image, so you should be able to clean them off. It takes a lot of guts… but you can clean the sensor, I’ve done it! What camera do you have?

      1. Yes every time I turn it off it Auto cleans , Also clean every battery change//charge , It is a Nikon D7100, so plan to have it professionally cleaned, its the sensor, These fingers drop everything I lift due to RA, just don’t trust self to ruin an expensive Camera, took it to Henries, and he was to afraid to do it, he had the shakes lol, so, best play safe with livelihood 😉 Great Post Steve. see how many views you get, wow

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