Major Break

My stock photography business caught a major break in May. Most of my stock images get uploaded to iStockphoto, with a few going up to the parent company, the Getty Images Agency. Getty Images is the largest picture agency in the world, and for a photographer it is certainly the major league of the stock photo business. I recently learned that management at Getty Images has recognized the importance of the editorial (also known as unreleased) image collection and the talent of the photographers shooting those images at iStockphoto and will adding these images to their editorial collection.

Contestants preparing for Paddlefest 2015

The new development will involve porting exclusive editorial content at iStockphoto to a special editorial collection at Getty Images. What that means to me is that I can rapidly grow my collection of images at the Getty Agency while doing the type of photography I enjoy the most and find myself to be the most suited for, such as this whitewater festival called Paddlefest in Buena Vista, Colorado. It also means that the hundreds of images that I have already captured from sporting events, hiking trails, mountain climbing cliffs and lakes and rivers of Colorado will all be displayed for sale there as well as on the iStock web site.

I am now looking forward to the summer’s events with renewed excitement and combing the event calendars for some new ones that I haven’t been aware of in the past. Stay tuned to my Examiner news feed for the stories and pictures of this summer’s outdoor events in Colorado!

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