Scrambled Brains

Woke up early this morning with my mind running hard. For some reason I was thinking it was the 17th already and that I had missed making mention of the training kickoff of the Patriots’ Festival bike race, which is the 16th. Then I felt the gut wrenching fear that I had forgotten to  do my taxes which is what finally woke me up completely. Of course today is only the 15th of March, it isn’t tax day yet and training for the bike race doesn’t open for another month. So today is Sunday, church day, and also the day young Rachel’s family is going to come and get Tricia’s power chair for her. I hope this small legacy of Tricia’s suffering can make her life a bit better.

So once I get some coffee down it looks like I have my work cut out for me this morning. I have turned this place upside down getting ready to move out and the front door is completely blocked with the stuff that is prematurely ready to go out. Now I am going to have to clear that all away, find the parts to the chair, remember how to drive it and get it out the front door, all before church. Pastor Robert is working out of town for the gas company and will only be in town today so I need to get with him to plan Tricia’s memorial. Then I have to get back home in time to meet Rachel’s family get  the chair.

I know Tricia will be smiling in heaven as a result of Rachel having the chair. Even in the depths of the valleys of her suffering she had so much love and compassion for Rachel, of course knowing how difficult life without legs can be. She also admired her greatly for continuing to love and praise Jesus in the middle of her storm, even when the Walls are Shaking. So today is going to be a busy day, but I think it is going to be a good day as well.

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