New Vasque Boots

Not many things make me happier than a new pair of hiking boots. It always seemed to me that a person’s shoes are an indication of who and what they are. A good looking pair of hiking boots are a symbol of freedom, outdoors and adventure, serious equipment befitting a mountain lone wolf.

Vasque Breeze
Vasque Breeze

So yesterday was a big day when my Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX hiking boots arrived for me to give a test ride. More than just a pair of shoes, they are a cool excuse for me to lace up and head out onto the rocky trails of the high peaks where I will discover how they feel in the snow, on the sharp rocks, during a stream crossing, across a boulder field and on steep climbs. Considering the delight I have received from walking in my first pair of Vasque’s, I’m quite certain that my field report on the Breeze model for the Examiner will be filled with positive comments.

First things first though, the boots have been unpacked from the box and photographed before their christening in the mud, snow, rocks and ice of the Pike National Forest. Laced up and tried on, they have proven to be a perfect fit, comfortable as a glove right out of the box. I am looking forward to living in these boots for a couple of weeks, walking, hiking and climbing in them every time I get the chance. So stay tuned as we find out what the Vasque Breeze GTX is made of. Also, be sure to get your free subscription to my Examiner news feed and you will receive an email the minute my field report is available!

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