The rains of last week have given way to heavy snow today. The north slope of the peak is covered with a fresh white mantle of snow and it is obvious that change is on the way.

Snowy-PeakWe were hoping for change on the cancer front as well as we finished our last day of radiation treatment on Friday. However, hopes for significant improvement have begun to fade. Prior to the treatments the radiation doctor assured us that pain would be reduced and tumors would shrink but at this point it doesn’t appear that there is going to be much change in either problem.

Most of what we enjoy together has been taken from us by the cancer. Walking, hiking, shopping and cooking meals together have been reduced to wheelchair walks to the library and the coffee shop. Now with today’s snow I am filled with dread at the thought of being stuck at home with nothing to do but watch movies and look at Facebook.

But I know that God is good and He is merciful. We are told that the affects of he  treatment will continue to develop over the next few weeks and there is hope that her God given immune system will take advantage of this time that the cancer has been weakened to provide the cure. And there is always the hope of a direct intervention from the Great Physician Himself.

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