Perfect Weekend

It would be hard to imagine a more perfect weekend. The sun was shining and the sky was the amazing blue color that can only be matched high in the Rocky Mountains. The cool mountain air was perfectly still and the Cruise Above the Clouds car show rolled into town early in the morning on Saturday.

So I grabbed my camera and headed over to the park to capture some images from the day. The cars were magnificent this year with beautifully polished muscle cars from the 60’s and 70’s on display with hoods open to show off beautiful Chrome engine parts.

Top top it off, the Senior Center was putting on their monthly pancake breakfast which I could not resist. Nothing better than scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, buscuits and gravy and orange juice on a perfect early autumn day in the Rockies.

Cruise Above the Clouds rolls into Woodland Park, Colorado

The weather on Sunday was just as good and the weekend was perfected when my article on the car festival was accepted as newsworthy at the With that, I decided to take the rest of the afternoon off to just sit and watch my cats play in yard before retiring for some movie watching on the TV.

Today it’s back to work though… I have pictures to process from the car show for iStock and my new facebook picture album that I created for posting pictures of festivals that I am reporting on for my Examiner writing. So stay tuned, for S. W. Krull Imaging, the car show isn’t over with yet!

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