A New Day

Finally got a little sleep after being awake from Tuesday afternoon when we went down to the ER until midnight last night. I was intercepted by my neighbor when I pulled in late last evening with a bouquet of flowers for Tricia and a card. All of our neighbors put together the gift to pick up our spirits.

This morning’s coffee finds me numb. My old body is stiff and tired and my brain is tired. We had a terrifying incident at the end of the day when her heart began to race uncontrollably. I have never heard of anyone’s heart beating at over 200 beats per minute for a sustained period of time. They brought in the paddles just in case, but got the situation under control with some magic medicine that they had up their sleeves.

It is a beautiful clear morning and my mind is finally starting to come to life as my coffee is starting to take effect. We lost our view yesterday afternoon when they moved us off the 7th floor back down to oncology but the room is a lot more comfortable. It is bigger and the chairs are softer. The rehab nurses that brought us there were jealous about the posh surroundings, but concluded that it is probably necessary because the oncology patients are there a lot longer than some and they and their visitors need the extra comfort for the long haul.

I didn’t have time to get my camera into our room on the 7th floor, but I don’t think I’ll let that stop me. There is still the parking garage that has the same view from the top floor and there are no windows to blur the pictures. I think today is the day. I will bring my camera and get the shots so everyone can see the view. Stay tuned!

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