April Snow

It must be something I have carried forward from my childhood. Whenever it snows I just have to get out in it. I believe the love for snow may have been passed down from my father as well. I remember during the worst blizzards  Dad would make the anticipated announcement, “We’re going to get milk.”. Of course we didn’t need milk and that isn’t where we were going either. We would bundle up and walk the half mile to downtown and make a stop at the bar. I loved the place with the ringing bells of the pinball machines and the clacking of balls at the pool tables. Dad would get me an Orange Crush and it was fun to listen to the men talk and joke.

Today was no different, except now I am way too far out in the woods to get to anywhere quite as interesting as the “milk store”. But I still like to get out and walk in the snow. So today I put the Aqua-Tech weather cover on the camera and headed out in the snow to get pictures. I came upon the deer herd as they were making their way up the trail but I couldn’t get a clear view and they spotted me and hustled up the mountainside out of range.

There wasn’t much to photograph other than snowflakes, but I did manage to notice one scene that looked like it would make a nice snowy shot. Once again, my photo session wasn’t much of a success, but the time in the woods and the fresh clean air in my lungs was reward enough. And my legs are that much stronger for the adventures I have planned for summer.


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