Total Remake of my Site

Storm Clouds on the Sangre

The plans of mice and men… The plan was to travel about Colorado, climbing mountains and taking pictures of wildlife, publishing books, making videos, and writing this blog. But of course the minute I implement my grand plan, gas shoots up to $5 per gallon and the country goes into recession. Businesses quit advertising, people quit buying luxury items and my grand plan is in jeopardy.

So I am out of wedding, commercial and portrait retirement, with a whole new website! I’ve added pages for wedding photography, boutique portrait photography and commercial photography including commercial and fashion plus model portfolios. It’s been a while since I have shot a model portfolio but I’m sure I “still got it”!

Of course I had to add a few images to my media library and I updated my WordPress package to include the professional email system using the ID. So anyway, please feel free to give the new site a visit, and give me a share if you like my idea!

Sheltered Bucks

Hiked my mountain again looking for the dusky grouse, who once again remained hidden and all I  got was some good exercise climbing up to his domain. No pictures, no video, no view of the mountains… just exercise. Due to all the smoke and haze we haven’t been able to see the distant peaks of the Sangre de Cristo all summer. So anyway, I eventually got back to the trailhead and the mock gold mine put their as a park for people to use.

Buck in the Window

It was about the right time of day for the Three Amigos to come strolling through so I was trying to be quiet while keeping an eye out for my three favorite mule deer bucks. As I strode past the old blacksmith’s shop I was surprised to see one of the bucks peering at me from outside the building on the other side. I prepared for him to trot around the building to make his escape but he just kept staring at me through the opening.

So I readied my camera and snapped a couple of shots before moving on. I didn’t want to cause him to run because there is some barbed wire surrounding the compound and I didn’t want him to get injured. Then I spotted him peering out at me from the inside of the building! That in itself isn’t that amazing, all three of the bucks often use the building for shelter in the wintertime, but they usually bolt at the first sign of my presence.

Buck in the Window

The flies are just terrible up there after all the rain we’ve been having so I suspect he was in there seeking shelter from the bugs. And he wasn’t in any hurry to leave so I stopped to snap a few more of him through the side window and then the doorway. They aren’t the greatest pictures due to the relative darkness in the building, but I have to say they are still one in a million!

As always, the best of these images and hundreds more are available for purchase on my website as wall art on glossy metal or acrylic sheets, stretched canvas and traditional matting and framing. Tons of cool household and gift items are also available with any image you like including coffee mugs, t-shirts, blankets and pillows, battery chargers, phone cases, stationary and much much more! Just click on any image you like and all the choices, sizes and prices will appear! For my viewers interested in images for commercial use, please visit my image licensing portal! I should mention at this time that this blog post is not sponsored by Canon or any other firm. All equipment used in the making of the blog and video have been purchased by me on my own volition.

Many of my adventures have also been captured on beautiful HD video on my Youtube Channel! If you enjoy my content please subscribe to my channel, subscribers have a big impact on channel rankings!

This post is not sponsored and all equipment used in it’s creation was purchased by me on my own volition.

Buck in the Shelter

Buck in the Shelter


Pretty Burros

Still working on my captures of the herd of burros I joined wandering through Cripple Creek the other day. Lucky for me they settled in on a grassy field in the middle of town where I cold get some nice portraits of them without a lot of obstruction in the background. Still feeling some warm fuzzy from the experience of being able to get right in the midst of them and feed them some treats and some head scratches 🙂

Pretty Burro in Cripple CreekToday I put up portraits of a couple of the prettiest beasties for sale on my website in the wildlife gallery, hope you take the time to click on the link and on the images to bring up the full size previews! The small previews only show a severely cropped thumbnail that isn’t as sharp as the full version. Royalty free stock versions of those images can be located at the commercial use portal in my website

Hoping upon hope that I will soon be moving to Cripple Creek. My real estate agent made an offer for me on a little house on the west side… Not getting my hopes up though, the offer might not be accepted and the financing people have not exactly been cooperative in some of my earlier efforts this year. Oddly this time the seller’s name is almost exactly the same as my brother’s name, including the middle initial! The only letter different is his last name is Kroll with an o… Even stranger, my brother lives in another state and I never see him… the day I signed  this contract my brother was actually in town and we got to sit down at Bierwerks for a while and catch up! A good omen perhaps?


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