How to Photograph Mountain Goats on Mt. Evans Colorado

Mountain Goats on Mount Evans

How to photograph mountain goats on Mount Evans Colorado, including pictures and tutorial by #swkrullimaging

Back in the Groove

Wow, what a tumultuous summer... Certainly hasn't turned out according to plan! Was not expecting my best photo agency to become my worst in a matter of a couple of months, and wasn't expecting to have to be working a regular job to make ends meet. But here it is, almost August and I have … Continue reading Back in the Groove

Hiking Mount Massive

The 14,421 foot summit of Mount Massive Colorado was the latest peak to be checked off as done in Ralph's quest to climb all the 14ers in the state of Colorado. I was glad to be able to participate, completing my sixth 14er on a beautiful Colorado day in the high country. Buddy Bill also … Continue reading Hiking Mount Massive