Aftermath of the Snowstorm

Colorado’s fourth biggest snowstorm in history went on for three days so I was really happy to finally get out and enjoy the mountains again today! I was planning on snowshoeing my trail but when I got to the trailhead it became apparent that the oddities of Colorado’s weather had defeated that idea. Although parts of the county had received as

Snowy Traill

much as three feet of snow with drifting even deeper than that in place, my trail had received almost none. I was concerned on the drive down that there would  be so much snow in the parking lot that I would have to abandon ship and think of something else to do… But when I arrived there was no one flake of snow in the parking lot.

I didn’t even bother to bring my snowshoes with me as I climbed the east side of the mountain. As I suspected, there was a pretty good sized snow drift in the trees through which someone had already cut a trail, making the trek an easy one for me. The scenery on the mountain was even more incredible than usual so I shot a short YouTube video to document the visit, I hope you enjoy it!

Storm on the Sangre

The storm clouds over the Sangre de Cristo Range were particularly incredible looking so I stopped there to shoot a few stills which I will be uploading to my website for sale.

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Sangre de Cristo Easter

Easter, my favorite morning of the entire year. It is so quiet on resurrection morning, no commute traffic, no construction chaos, no hustle and bustle, just the beautiful silent peace that this day brings. I wanted to watch the sunrise but didn’t quite make it out of bed in time to get all the way down to my overlook to view it. Still beautiful though, and it seemed appropriate to celebrate the morning in the shadow of the mountains named for His sacrifice, the beautiful Sangre de Cristo “Blood of Christ” Range of Colorado.

Sangre De Cristo Mountains

Sangre De Cristo Mountains

As I neared the top of the hill that I like to visit I could see a small pocket of fog at the base of the foothills which I thought was kind of cool and worth a stop for a couple of pictures. But that sight was nothing compared to the scene that unfolded a few steps later. The entire Arkansas River Valley was filled with a silky sea of fog at the base of the towering peaks, the best pictures I’ve been able to capture yet this year… A beautiful Easter gift from my Savior to me on the day of His greatest gift of all, the free gift of salvation for all who will accept it.

Hoping for a peaceful and joyful day for all my readers and to everyone on this wonderful Holy Day. He is Risen!