Beautiful Morning in the High Country

Deer in the Rockies

I have to say, it was a spectacular morning in the high country of Colorado today. Sun shining, not too hot, nice breeze 🙂 And the wildlife seemed to like it too, there were quite a few out feeding on the nice green mountain grass… thanks to all the rain we have been getting lately. I think I have heard somewhere recently that they have declared the drought “over” 🙂

Saw a beautiful buck up by the mines but he saw us first and vanished without a trace, with no chance at all for a picture 😦 Also saw this young buck and a doe mule deer that weren’t quite as skittish and then a rare treat with a couple of elk. The elk were on the move so this was the best shot I could get of them traveling in the other direction. At first I thought it was just a couple of cows but now on the computer I can see the lead animal is a big bull elk. Looks like his antlers are coming along nicely for the fall rut… only a couple of months

Deer in the Rockies


The elk were too distant for a print so I haven’t uploaded that one to my website, but the deer can be found in the wildlife gallery as wall art on metal or acrylic sheets, stretched canvas and traditional framing and matting.

Elk Running in the Colorado High Country

Heart Attack

Lol… well, maybe not a literal heart attack, but certainly a close call! Saw a couple of beautiful young buck mule deer this morning and jumped out of the truck to get some shots with my F4L 70-200 lens that I just had refurbished by the Canon repair shop. But it would not focus. I have my camera set up for “back button focus”, but I pushed the focus button in vain. Finally I gave up and was on my way.

Of course too late I remembered that the lens can be set to manual, which I surely could have done if I had thought of it. Then I had to work all day at my day job… And it was so hard to concentrate with the love of my life on the blink again! Now the lens is over 10 years old and has served me faithfully for tens of thousands of captures so it certainly has the right to wear out, but I’m not ready!

We have been having tremendously wet weather for Colorado this summer and this week was one of the rainiest, coldest and most humid of the entire summer, making me suspicious that perhaps there was interference in the contacts between the camera and lens electronics. So when I finally got the chance I warmed up the lens, especially the contacts area and gave it another try. I was so relieved when the lens correctly responded and snapped to focus upon usage of the back button focus selector. Going to go to bed now after an extremely long and difficult week, but I will sleep well knowing my baby is healthy again 🙂


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