The Clearing

Continued my exploration of the new trailhead and trail system that I have been working for the last couple of weeks. After encountering “the gate” I had to branch out in a new direction and the cool cloudy morning we are having seemed just the day to do that. So early this morning the puppies and me forged ahead further than before, hoping to find a route up to the top of the ridge and maybe yet another view of the majestic mountain across valley.

Sunset on Pikes Peak

Beautiful summer sunset on Pikes Peak Colorado

By then little old Kitsu looked like she was getting tired so I decided we would just keep going back to the beginning. Just as we were getting ready to head back up the switchbacks I noticed a car driving in the woods! I watched to see what it was going to do when I figured out where exactly we were, at another trailhead parking area that I have used before.  It is also the place I came down to the time I descended the back side of Bald Mountain, and swore I would never hike again, incredibly steep there! Well anyway, I know where I am there and from my new trailhead I am happy to discover that I can go anywhere on the entire ridge from there, from inside Woodland Park all the way to Rampart Reservoir if I wanted!

Black-Bears-4I wonder how many miles and how many hours I have spent hiking that trail system? I have hiked it in summer, winter, fall, rain, snow and near darkness. I have seen deer, elk, bear, coyote, bobcat and all kinds of birds including eagles and hawks. The trails and the forest on this little patch of the Pike National Forest have been an amazing source of peace for me for almost a decade now, I feel so fortunate to live so close to such solitude. Countless pictures I have taken along the way, many of which can be viewed in my Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak fine art image  gallery. The commercial stock version of those images can be found by clicking here. Many more can be found in my wildlife gallery.

Definitely looking forward to many more miles of trail, changing seasons and abundant wildlife on this ridge now made accessible by my new favorite trailhead 🙂


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Sorting Out

Up until now I have tried to manage all my photography endeavors under one hat. However it has come to my attention that there is just too much traffic on my one main facebook page, S. W. Krull Imaging. I have wildlife advocacy posts there, stock photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, model photography, sports and journalism all going on in one fan page and it just looks overwhelming.


Mountain Goats on Mount Bierstadt

My original intent was for the Imaging page to be for my stock photography business and related items to be showcased there and I am going to return that page to it’s roots. That page will be only for the stock photography and the events that I photograph under that umbrella, including outdoor sports and recreation, wildlife and nature photography, and photo retouching.

I have moved the wildlife advocacy posts to a special page devoted to animal welfare only. I hope if you are interested in the critters that you will visit my new page and give it a like!

western wedding

Cowboy and Cowgirl bride

I have also recently launched a separate page for wedding photography. Please visit and like my S. W. Krull Weddings page if you have an interest in wedding photography!

swimsuit model

Model posing at the beach

Exercise, fitness and fashion have been moved to a new fitness and modeling page, which is where indoor exercise sports, fitness, fitness model and fashion model photo shoots and informational posts have been relocated to. So if you have an interest in exercise and fitness and modeling, please hop in on that page and give it a LIKE!