Wild Winter Solstice

Herd of Mule Deer

It was a wild morning on this 2020 winter solstice! I was much relieved to see the Three Amigos again, I haven’t seen them for months and was afraid a hunter had gotten them. Actually I am thinking of calling them the Fab Four since they have been roaming with another buddy since the fall, the fourth member was already at the tree line when I took this shot. Of course I know the Fab Four is also the name for the Beatles, but if you ask me the musicians don’t hold a candle to these big boys! They didn’t stick around long though, soon after they spotted me they began meandering toward the dense woods on the north and west side of the mountain.

Herd of Mule Deer

As my trek veered toward the north I spotted the rest of the herd making their way west as well, enjoying some mountain grass along the way. It looked to me like I would get some really nice shots in good light if I used some patience and waited for them to pass, so I took a seat on a big rock and waited. They were actually moving along pretty steadily so it wasn’t long before I began to get some good opportunities. However I noticed that they started nervously looking back and moving a little faster. I was pretty sure I wasn’t disturbing them as I peered into the distance to see what might be coming out of the trees over the hill, a coyote perhaps? Soon the disturbance came into view… my nemesis with the two dogs was coming up the trail behind me, and soon the deer were galloping

Herd of Mule Deer

toward the safety of the trees to the north. I did my best to capture the herd running, but I wasn’t exactly prepared for such an event. The original plan was to leisurely shoot them grazing in the grass at a relatively slow shutter speed and correspondingly low ISO value. I scrambled to reset the camera and fired a few frames off over a few seconds and then they were gone. I tell you, this guy is ruining my life, every day chasing away my livelihood ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hope he moves on soon… or maybe this is a sign that it’s time for me to move on, perhaps closer to Rocky Mountain National Park, or maybe even Montana.

Such a brief encounter wasn’t enough to satisfy my wildlife fix today so I decided to drive on up to Eleven Mile Canyon in hopes of spotting some eagles or maybe some more deer or even a herd of elk! The initial drive up the canyon yielded exactly nothing, except that I did see the eagle lady driving back down the canyon… peering intently into the trees along the river. At the top I just turned around and headed back down hoping for a more fruitful pass through the canyon on the return trip. On my way down I spotted the eagle lady headed back up, I guess I should find out her name…

Bald Eagle in Eleven Mile Canyon

Eventually my journey came to an end and I had nothing to show for it. I pondered the eagle lady’s strategy and began to wonder if I should make a second trip? What the heck, I had already paid the fee and I wouldn’t be coming back for a while so I turned big blue back around and began a second pass through the beautiful wilderness along the headwaters of the South Platte. Soon I came upon the eagle lady out of her car with camera in hand, so I pulled up behind her and got out to see what the excitement was. Sure enough she had spotted a baldy in a pine tree looking intently at a section of open water, for fish I presume!

Red Tailed Hawk in Eleven Mile CanyonEventually he flew off in the opposite direction and I continued my drive up the canyon. No more eagle sightings but I did find a nice red-tailed hawk, also fishing along the river. He didn’t stay perched for long and I managed to get a nice shot of him in flight before he drifted away, well out of range for pictures.

I hoped for more on the way down but I was satisfied with the days good fortune and just enjoyed the scenery and the solitude the rest of the way down.

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Red Tailed Hawk in Eleven Mile Canyon

El Quattro

Herd of Mule Deer Bucks

El Quattro, my son Chris’s idea… when a new buck joined the “Three Amigos” band of buck mule deer.ย  Not sure, I’m just calling them the “Three Amigos + 1”. I was near the end of my hike this morning and it was looking like they were nowhere to be found. But as I was walking down the mountainside rolling around ideas to avoid a photographic shutout, I looked across to the next ridge and spotted a lone buck. he was looking right at me so I quick snapped a picture.

Herd of Mule Deer Bucks

Soon however others began meandering up the steep hill so I just found a place to sit and watch to see how this scene was going to develop. Two of the band of four drew closer together and I was able to capture a couple images of the friendship before they wandered over the hill and down into the valley.

I decided to go around the ravine and see if I could spot them on the downside but I could only find one of the majestic fellow. He was posing against a very nice rugged backdrop though, nicely rounding out my morning! Any thoughts of a long drive to another location vanished as I looked through what I had already captured. Instead of continuing on I decided upon a nice breakfast and home to process the images!

Herd of Mule Deer Bucks

Yesterday I was looking for an image of the Three Amigos on my website to send to someone and decided that it was time to add a collection with just deer. I have a specialized collection for Deer in Snow but I think it’s now aย  good time for the Just Deer collection to contain my huge collection of deer imagery including those in snow and all seasons including some beautiful autumn captures ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, the best of these images and hundreds more are available for purchase on my website as wall art on glossy metal or acrylic sheets, stretched canvas and traditional matting and framing. Tons of cool household and gift items are also available with any image you like including coffee mugs, t-shirts, blankets and pillows, battery chargers, phone cases, stationary and much much more! Just click on any image you like and all the choices, sizes and prices will appear! For my viewers interested in images for commercial use, please visit my image licensing portal!

An Unexpected Swim

Pair of Deer at Waters Edge

Had a startling and most unexpected experience yesterday while out taking pictures! I was standing on the east bank of the South Platte River in Eleven Mile Canyon watching for the eagles to return from their morning fishing trip when I heard some rustling in the reeds on the opposite bank. I thought it might be the beaver getting ready for his morning swim down the river so I readied my camera with the proper settings for such an event.

It wasn’t long and much to my surprise a doe mule deer poked her head out of the reeds to get a drink, or so I thought. I started snapping and after a few seconds another deer appeared behind the first one ๐Ÿ™‚ I made sure to capture an image with the both of them before they walked right out into the water towards me.ย  Pretty soon another one came out from the reeds and joined them in their journey

Trio of deer in the Water


I continued to photograph them wading across the river when I noticed even more deer, bucks and does a little way downstream were also crossing the river in the beautiful morning light and shimmering water. And to top off the experience, I was even able to capture the foothills of the San Isabel Nationalย  Forest in the background. Incredible, just incredible ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, the best of these images are available for purchase onย my websiteย as wall art on glossy metal or acrylic sheets, stretched canvas and traditional matting and framing. Tons of cool household and gift items are also available with any image you like including coffee mugs, t-shirts, blankets and pillows, battery chargers, phone cases, stationary and much much more! Just click on any image you like and all the choices, sizes and prices will appear!ย For my viewers interested inย images for commercial use, please visit myย image licensing portal!

Deer at Waters Edge

A Perfect Morning

Morning Mule Deer

I know we like our sunshine here in Colorado but sometimes some clouds and humidity are a welcome sight, especially for a photographer! It was a perfect morning, a slight breeze, cool and quiet, and rain clouds overhead providing just enough cover to soften the morning light for photography ๐Ÿ™‚

Finch on a Perch

It wasn’t long before I spotted a pair of mule deer, buck and doe enjoying a break from the usual intense sunlight. Usually by this time of morning they would have retreated to shady areas under the tall pines of the Pike National Forest. Today however, the wary couple gave me a few minutes to photograph them before vanishing into the dense wilderness.

I continued my hike along the high meadow at the top of the mountain enjoying the sound of birds happily chirping out their approval of such a pleasant morning. I stopped and sat for a while on a flat rock hoping for an opportunity to capture a couple images of the furtive little creatures and fortunately they obliged ๐Ÿ™‚ Not the best pictures, but I did manage to get a couple shots of what appear to be a couple of the finch variety.

Clouds on the Sangre de Cristo

Furtive Little Deer Herd

Pair of doe mule deer

Today’s payoff was this cute little herd of very active deer. They were kind of running in circles while they figured out where to go next making it very difficult to get their pictures! Every time I pointed my camera at the one that was looking my direction they would look away! The ones looking right into the camera are my favorite but that just wasn’t going to happen today! And with the moving all around it was difficult to get a decent composition! But it was still fun to see them and I hope you enjoy the best of what I was able to capture this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

Pair of doe mule deer and a buck

Young Buck Mule Deer

Young Buck in the Colorado Rockies

Pretty uneventful trek this morning, unfortunately I awoke far too late to see much wildlife action. There was this one young buck at the summit though ๐Ÿ™‚ Got a few captures before Big Dog noticed him… of course he was on his leash, but one good huff at the sight of the big buck and that was the end of it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Don’t think I’ll bother to make a print of this one… his face was in the shade with the sun shining way too brightly on the background.

Beautiful Colorado Mountain Buck Deer

Interesting hike this morning… as we passed over the summit of the little mountain I could hear the livestock bellowing. As they came into view I discovered that it wasn’t just the cows talking, there was a bull as well, none to happy to see me and the big dog. I expect he was just warning his herd of the possibility of danger but I was not in the mood for a confrontation with a big bull so we just turned back around the other side of the mountain about a quarter mile short of the normal turnaround.ย  Soonย  the bull and his harem settled down and we were safely on our way back down the mountain.

Beautiful Buck Deer Sprouting Antlers

It wasn’t long before Big Dog was sniffing the air and dancing… like he does when he has detected a wild animal in the distance. You never know whether the animal might still be around or if he has just left behind a scent for the dog to smell,ย  so I got my camera ready in case of a deer or elk sighting. Soon I spotted him, this beautiful buck mule deer back in the trees at the edge of a nice field of grass and wildflowers. He was already well aware of our presence as well so I knew I wasn’t going to get any closer. I snapped a couple against the rising sun that I knew weren’t optimal shots but I wanted to make sure I at least had a rough record of the sighting. What I was hoping for though was that we might be able to ease around the mountainside to the east so that I could get better lighting on his face and today fate was kind. He didn’t move and just kept staring at us to see what our intentions might be.

Fortunately I was able to make a few captures with him standing perfectly still in the sun for me so that I would have something to upload to stock and this blog post ๐Ÿ™‚ Due to the nice soft early morning light I selected ISO 400 in hopes of a fast enough shutter speed to get this hand held image with my big 400mm lens. As I take a close look here on the big computer screen it appears as though I earned my money today ๐Ÿ™‚ You can see he is well on his way to a huge rack of antlers for the coming rut. You can even see the velvet still covering the new growth if you look closely ๐Ÿ™‚

Amazing Mountain Deer

Sometimes I just can’t believe the things I get to see ๐Ÿ™‚ Today as I cleared the ridge on my favorite hiking trail I spotted this magnificent buck mule deer moving toward the second ridge. And then as if it were scripted, he walked right in front of the most amazingly beautiful section of the Sangre de Cristo range for the perfect backdrop for this picture!

As always, these pictures and many more including my latest shoot with the bighorn sheep are available on my website for purchase as wall art and many cool household items! Stock images for all your commercial photo needs are also available on the stock image portal!

Eight inches of snow are forecast for Wednesday, so stay tuned for some wonderful Colorado Rocky Mountain snow photography!

My First Metal Print

So excited… getting my first glossy metal print of my work ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually it is going to be two prints, both of deer that I photographed back in the winter of 2010. One of the images I had to search pretty long and hard for on the backup drive, couldn’t remember where or when I had captured it and I haven’t even seen it in a long time. But the memory of one of my most favorite pictures has stuck in my mind all these years as something I would like to print one day. The second one was easier to find, I have kept it close by, foremost on my mind as the first one I would print when I got the chance!

Mule Deer Couple

As I browsed through the images on my backup drive I was somewhat taken aback at the size of my collection. I was only looking through pictures of deer and there are thousands, many of which I have never even processed or uploaded to my stock agencies. Got me to thinking, maybe I had better stop and think about what I am doing. Maybe I need to spend a little more time in front of the computer screen!

Well anyway, while I was going through the deer images I also came across this cute picture of a couple of baby bighorn sheep that I have not given near enough attention! Once again, there are hundreds out of the thousands that have slipped my mind and my attention that I need to go back and look at some more! With 2018 coming to an end and my last year of full time employment before retirement coming into view, perhaps now is the time to start that massive project! By the way, I have a bunch more of those baby bighorns in my bighorn sheep and goat gallery!

Baby Bighorn Sheep Playing on Mount Evans

One thing I did get done this morning is to create another gallery on my website, the “Deer in Snow” gallery. I have so many amazing pictures of mule deer interacting in the beautiful Colorado snow that I thought it worth separating them out so they are easier for my customers to find!

Well anyway, here is the other picture I am going to have printed… the one of the very surprised trio of does that I captured in a huge Colorado snowstorm. I don’t know who was more surprised when I popped out of the brush in front of these three ladies, me or the deer!

Three does in snow

The Fawns

Yesterday was too hot to do anything most of the day and not a cloud in sight. Top that off with some horrendous Labor Day traffic going through town and it was just a nice day to hang out in the air conditioning and rest up a bit from the long week before.

Mule Deer FawnsHowever the late afternoon light was just a bit too enticing for a photographer and it had cooled off enough that I could take the puppies out for some exercise.

It was a nice leisurely stroll along one of my favorite trails in the Pike National Forest near Woodland… All the people and all their dogs off doing holiday things with all the other people doing holiday things. Perhaps that is why the small family of mule deer I have been getting glimpses of all summer were finally standing still in the open where I could finally get a decent shot of them! They weren’t afraid of me this time and just looked up from their feeding to wonder what the heck I was doing ๐Ÿ™‚

I captured some of just the two fawns and a couple with mamma deer in the frame too. I will be processing all ofย  them in the coming days and they will be available for purchase on my website.

When I was done hiking I decided to take a drive in the cool of the evening down Ed Lowe Road, a place of great beauty and always a good source of wildlife pictures. This visit paid off too, when I spotted a small herd of doe mule deer feeding down by the stream in the deep foliage. They were hearing a dog in the distance though and would not look at me as they were more interested in the dog. But I did get a couple of nice portrait views of one of the does.

Huge BuckLater on my way back I spotted this huge buck mule deer foraging for food on a steep mountainside. He was a ways off but I think it is an interesting picture with the angle of the background so steep. I tried cropping it, but it didn’t really bring out the deer any more and cropping took away from the effect of the mountainside. So I steadied the camera with my elbows on the hood of my old Dodge truck and here we have the distant buck looking curiously at me from a range of about 100 yards captured with my Canon F4L 70-200.

BierwerksDusk was settling in on my way home back through Woodland Park on a beautiful and unusually warm evening. The outdoor beer garden at Bierwerks was just a bit too enticing to pass by, so I stopped in for a pale ale and a chance to bask in the glow of the outdoor fire pit and contemplate life. I am happy to announce that after a summer of turmoil and stress dealing with the real estate market I’m only days away from closing on a house and a move to Cripple Creek. My head is just swimming from all the ups and downs of trying to qualify for the loan and it was nice just to sit and look at the fire while sipping one of my favorites. For a bit I felt like I was joining the rest of the world on vacation to the mountains…

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