Spirit of the Wolf

Spirit of the Wolf
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In Spirit of the Wolf, follow Yellowstone’s most famous alpha wolf of all time, the wolf known as 06 through the life of photographer and wildlife activist Caleb. Caleb evolves from his beginnings as a fashion photographer in the Bay Area of California into a wildlife photographer and animal welfare activist in the Rocky Mountain West. Caleb through his many exciting and sometimes dangerous adventures, learns he must risk his life to battle ruthless ranchers and hunters to save the wild animals he has learned to love.

A New Love

Caleb’s life is forever altered as he falls in love with the wolf, one of the most persecuted creatures of all time. His experiences with the first wild wolf packs in nearly 100 years grow and thrive in the Yellowstone wilderness. Fall in love with the wolves of Yellowstone National Park through Caleb’s adventures and conflict with those who would prefer to see them exterminated if it they could get away with it.

Learn through this historical fiction tale about the exciting wolf reintroduction project in Yellowstone National Park. Caleb becomes acquainted with a famous alpha female wolf named Luna. Through this heart pumping adventure story exquisitely intertwined with important details from real life Yellowstone Wolf Project History, readers will enjoy the story of the real life Luna. Luna the wolf is based on real life wolf 06 the most famous and beloved wolf of all time.

Shining the light of truth on the impact and suffering resulting from the archaic hobbies of trophy hunting and trapping is also a main goal of the story Spirit of the Wolf. This book will lay bare the myth of ethical trophy hunting and humane trapping. Hopefully the tide will turn against the unnecessary and outdated activities of a dwindling fringe element of our society and those who seek to benefit from the destruction of apex predators.

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