Experimenting With ICM

Experimenting With Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) is something I’ve been kicking around for a while. I was thinking it might be best to try it in downtown Denver or something, but I had some time to kill this morning so I decided on a local shoot.

How I Did It

To accomplish the effect in bright morning light I used a variable 9 stop neutral density (ND) filter. Then I switched to manual mode on my Canon R7 with electronic shutter and ISO set to 100. I switched between a one and two second shutter speed with an aperture of about f/8. I tried slow movement, fast movement, up and down and sideways.

Best Results

I found the best results came from the one second shutter speed images with small up and down movements. Although the above image was side to side which I also liked.  The variable ND caused a bit of trouble in some situations due to the propensity of those filters to cause an undesirable X band effect. If I were going to travel to the Pearl Street Mall in Denver or Boulder I would use my straight 9 stop or 4 stop filters, depending on the lighting.

Color or Monochrome

My idea was to use monochrome for these images but I like the color versions too. I guess I would have to decide on an individual basis which to upload to my website. I have created a new gallery on my site to contain these and future projects with ICM images!

ICM in the District

A Few More of My ICM Favorites

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