Saturday Spirit

Deia Eternally FreeI’m gifting a little midsummer Saturday Spirit (of the Wolf) for my followers! One day only, a I’m giving readers a chance to download the eBook Spirit of the Wolf for free! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the story of Yellowstone’s most famous wolf, 832F or more widely known as the Wolf 06. Follow the main character as fashion photographer Caleb falls in love with his college sweetheart, fashion model Lacey as she also advances her career in the Bay Area fashion scene!

This fascinating historical fiction tale exquisitely intertwines the lives of the fashion photographer, the model and the wolf into a riveting tale of love, hatred, cruelty, kindness and courage that will keep you on the edge of your chair from front to back!

Steven W. Krull

Photographer and author Steve Krull has been photographing and writing about the of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and it’s amazing diversity of life for over two decades. He has published thousands of images and several books including his latest novel Spirit of the Wolf.

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