The Eagles Have Landed

Despite the chaos of the holiday weekend, our fledgling eagles have landed on the beach and are exploring their world. Both eaglets have taken flight and found a quiet place where people couldn’t reach them to  explore their surroundings.

I Got the Video

Bald eagle fledglings looking for food along the river bankWhen all the other birds and animals were in hiding from all the fishermen and campers roaring up and down the canyon, the young eagles found a peaceful location.  I could see them from the road so I attached a 2x teleconverter and shot some video of them foraging for food.

The fledglings are still figuring out how to hunt so they frequently return to the nest together while the parents continue to provide food for them (see below). Before the eagle migration the young eagles will have learned to hunt and will be self sufficient. They will not find a mate and build a nest of their own for a few years yet, by which time they will be sporting  stunning white head feathers.

I saw a few more critters up and down the canyon which you also might enjoy! Click each image to enlarge for a better view!

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Steven W. Krull

Photographer and author Steve Krull has been photographing and writing about the of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and it’s amazing diversity of life for over two decades. He has published thousands of images and several books including his latest novel Spirit of the Wolf.

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