Spectacular Morning in the Canyon

spectacular morning in the canyon

Kevin and I had a Spectacular Morning in the Canyon yesterday with sightings of eagles, osprey, blue heron, American dippers, beaver and deer!  We didn’t get a picture of the heron, but at least we were able to get a glimpse of him.

There is also quite a growing population of young eagles taking up residence. At least four juveniles seem to be considering the canyon as their new home!

Possible New Nest in the Canyon

spectacular morning in the canyon

We haven’t actually seen a nest yet, but based on past years experience with the osprey it looks like there may be a new nest along the river. In the past that once eggs are laid, the father osprey finds a good vantage point and diligently guards the nest. We now have an osprey exhibiting that behavior so perhaps there will soon be a few more young osprey inhabiting beautiful Eleven Mile Canyon!

Beaver Population in the South Platte

We also seem to have a growing population of beaver in Eleven Mile Canyon. Perhaps we are just getting better at spotting them, but there are definitely more sightings this season! They seem to like the calm water just below rapids.

The Eagles Nest at Entrance to the Canyon

Thankfully mama eagle is still on the nest with two little heads that appear occasionally! Hopefully in a just over a month two fledglings will be floating above the nest as they practice their flying skills!

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