Rethinking Everything

Intentional Camera Movement

Been doing a lot of thinking these days… in fact I’m rethinking everything.  My first big idea of the year was to upgrade my website so I could have access to the Yoast SEO plugin. This was going to propel my second great idea, which was “elopement style wedding photography” to the top of the search lists. Well, despite my best efforts, I’m nowhere near the top of the search lists. And now all of a sudden it seems everybody and their brother is an elopement style wedding photographer.

Which brings me to the third revelation. I’ve been advertising portrait and event photography, but when it comes down to  it, I don’t really want to have people calling me, I just don’t want the pressure anymore. At my age, I seem to have grown averse to living up to other people’s expectations. I want to do what I want, when I want and how I want to do it!  Lol, Some people might call that a bit ornery but at least I’m being honest with myself 🙂

The Big Purge

Intentional Camera Movement

Plus I have become aware that my Facebook and Instagram exposure has become unmanageable. When I bring up the mobile FB app up on my phone it always says I have messages in messenger that I can’t even find. They are in some account somewhere, but I can’t find them and I hope they aren’t important.

So… I have deleted all my extra business pages and IG accounts. I’m now down to just one profile, and that one is S.W. Krull Imaging everywhere. No more wedding photography, no more portraits, nothing that requires me to constantly check messages and phone calls.

So What’s Working?

What’s working are my published books and images, and I have redesigned my website and logo to reflect a focus on those efforts. So, please visit my site and see what you think of my streamlined approach!

Today’s Image

So what’s the story behind today’s blurry image? I recently purchased a variable density ND filter and have become interested in Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). I don’t think using it in the woods is going to be a good idea, but I would like to try it out at some sporting events and perhaps even on the street down in the city. We’ll see if I actually carry through with that… Seems when I  get a spare moment, I always choose to spend some time with the animals out in the woods!

Also, today’s images are a good excuse to try out my new logo 🙂

Steven W. Krull

Steve Krull has been photographing and writing of the beauty and diversity of the Colorado Rocky Mountain wilderness for over two decades. His work includes thousands of published images and literary works which can be viewed on this site and others including Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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