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Back to Basics with the Red-Tailed Hawk

In yet another site design, I’m scaling back my efforts to just the basics. After all this time it has become clear that my literary works and commercial stock imagery are what sell. Despite every effort to break into the first page with wedding and fashion photography services, there are simply too many photographers for the prime space available. Of course my extensive library of home decor and gift items will continue to be available. Years of work have gone into this library and it would be simply foolish to remove it.

Published Work and the Blog

So please feel free to have a look and comment on my simplified home page concentrating on published work and this blog. Also if you find this blog informative and useful, please consider subscribing! 

Video Content

My love for the wildlife of this beautiful state will never fade and at times a still picture or static blog post is simply incapable of portraying the joy that comes from spending time in nature. At times only video can capture such amazing complexity, so of course I will continue to publish clips within the blog and to my Youtube Channel! I urge everyone to subscribe to my channel  to help my ranking there!

Steven W. Krull

Steve Krull has been photographing and writing of the beauty and diversity of the Colorado Rocky Mountain wilderness for over two decades. His work includes thousands of published images and literary works which can be viewed on this site and others including Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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