Wildlife Action in the Canyon

Wildlife action in the canyon is picking up! Migratory birds are returning and hibernating mammals are coming out in Eleven Mile Canyon. I only had time for one pass through the canyon just after sunrise, but the trip was well worth it!

A Variety of Birds and Animals

Wildlife Action in the CanyonI saw quite a variety of critters this morning, including deer, muskrat, eagles, a great blue heron and a bunch of little birds! The Crown jewel of the day had to be the lone doe mule deer crossing the river though. First I spotted the herd on the one side and I was disappointed that I hadn’t seen them cross. But out of the corner of my eye I saw another doe coming down the hill. Fortunately I got a good series of her crossing.

In addition, I spotted a northern shrike, song sparrow, blue heron, red-tailed hawk and the bald eagle on the nest. It was cold and windy and she was hunkered down keeping the young ones warm! The ranger told me there are at least two hatchlings in the nest!

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