Snowy Garden of the Gods

Snowy Garden of the Gods

Major milestone today… I’ve been dreaming of a photo shoot in a snowy Garden of the Gods park for many years! We’ve gotten snow a few times, sometimes so much that I can’t get over the pass to get there. Most of our deep snow comes in the spring, so often it is melted by the time I arrive. But today the stars aligned and I was able to make it to the Garden to see the snow.

A Dream Come True

Luckily this time there was more snow in Colorado Springs than there was in the mountains. This fortunate turn of events allowed me to get over the pass and down the mountain to the deep snow. The sun was breaking through, and the roads getting slushy by the time I arrived so I was worried I was missing it again. But as I pulled into the park another bank of clouds moved over and protected the snow from the blazing Colorado sun.

A Bit of Fumbling Around

Snowy Garden of the Gods

I knew I was going to need my 24-105L for the shoot so I pulled it out and to my dismay the polarizer wasn’t on it. I looked in the filter pack and it wasn’t there. It had to be on my long lens, but it wasn’t there either. I stared with determination into the filter pack, as if I could make it appear by sheer will 🙁 Well apparently it worked, the filter turned out to be in the last slot and looked smaller than the others, which is how I was fooled the first time.

Work the Scene

At that point I just worked the scene, stopping at every vista and subject I could find.  One too many perhaps, as I raised the ire of the park ranger at one point for parking on a hill without my hazard without turning on my hazard lights. I apologized and promised not to do it again and was once again on my way. I finished up the day by shooting from the visitor center, and then the overlook on Mesa Road. Luck was with me as the snow hadn’t yet melted for the grand finale 🙂 Here’s a few more from this momentous day!

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