Rocky Mountain National Park in Paperback

Published the Rocky Mountain National Park in Paperback

I finally got around to publishing the “Photographer’s Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park” in paperback. At first I was only going to make it an eBook, but it occurred to me that someone might actually want to take a copy of it with them on their visit! So here it is folks:

This book will tell you how to navigate the park’s infamous timed entry system, including Bear Lake Road access, where and how to find and photograph wildlife and high points to hit in the park. The book will keep you from making critical mistakes that might ruin your trip like it did mine a couple of years ago.

Plan Ahead

I wanted to plan ahead so I booked park access early. Unfortunately, access to Bear Lake Road, which is the entire eastern half of the park almost, was not available at the time. Later when I went to get Bear Lake tickets I discovered that I wasn’t able to because the site said I could only have one ticket at  a time.

This book will help you prevent that mistake and make the most of your visit! Get your copy to day, only $14.95 including tons of great pictures to aid you in your planning!

Rocky Mountain National Park in Paperback


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