Photo Trends 2023

I’m a little late getting to it this year, but usually at the beginning of each year I do a web search, for example Photo Trends 2023. I checked a number of sites and there was one recurring entry that caught my eye. Film photography is supposed to be big in 2023. I’m already ahead of the curve on that trend with my purchase of an old Canon A-1 last year. I even have a few rolls of film to try out, including Ilford Hp5 monochrome and some CineStill brand cinema film that I have yet  to try out

Something New From Something Old

Photo Trends 2023

I recently discovered a trove of old digital images that I thought were lost and as luck would have it they turned out to be the best of the  best. I had captured them with my first digital camera, the first digital 1 series Canon, the 1D. Well I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose them again so I stuck them straight into my “Prints” folder where I keep a copy of every image I deem worth printing. I also have my screen saver set to use that folder so I can watch the history of digital photography drift by on my screen.

There are hundreds of images in there, so I don’t see all of them everyday, or even every week. Today an image appeared that I didn’t remember shooting. It was an old shot of a train rolling through Arvada Colorado that I had the good fortune to spot in time for a capture.

A Different Look

Images that are too big to fit on the screen are just randomly cropped, so often they aren’t much to look at, but this one was cropped just right and I couldn’t stop staring at it! It has some awesome nostalgic looking colors and just the right amount of grain, due to the tiny 4 megapixel sensor on that early version of the camera. I thought, “Wow, with a little work I bet I can make that image look like a film shot!” I hope you enjoy this image as much as I do! This one seems kind of special, maybe because it doesn’t have the flawless perfection provided by my 32 megapixel R7.

As always, I have uploaded this to my website where it can be purchased on glossy metal or acrylic sheets ready for hanging, stretched canvas and traditional matting and framing.

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