Blue Hour Eleven Mile Canyon

Blue Hour 11 Mile

It was a clear and cold morning in the high country of Colorado this morning the day after a long day of snow and clouds. I thought it would be an excellent day to visit the eagles in Eleven Mile Canyon and also to run into town for supplies. By the time I got to the canyon however, clouds and snow had rolled in from the west and my first trip up the canyon had yielded nothing in the way of eagles. It was the blue hour though, just before sunrise and the frozen river was beautiful.

Blue Hour on the River

Blue Hour Eleven Mile Canyon

I decided to take advantage of the frozen beauty and get some pictures of the river as a way to salvage the morning and set my camera up for sunrise landscape photography. Not that this was a difficult thing to do, I just switched from C1 to C2 on the mode dial 🙂 That changed my shutter speed over to a suitable value for still photography and also to the electronic shutter.

A Bit of Film Photography Too

Frozen Canyon

I had suspected that the canyon would look amazing this morning after yesterday’s snow, so I also brought along my old Canon A-1 film camera, loaded with a roll of Ilford HP-5 monochrome film. I put the A-1 on aperture priority using f/8 and an exposure compensation of +1 to account for all the snow and ice. There are still 24 frames remaining on the roll of 36 exposures though, so we will have to wait a while for that! At the rate I’m going shooting film it  probably be the end of winter by that time!

Unfortunately I never did see any eagles or hawks, just a few ducks swimming in the mist.

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